We install solar power plants all over Europe

We build solar power parks and roof installations all over the European Union. We have already built over 100 solar power plants with output over 1 MWp for total CO savings of more than 4,800 tonnes. You’ll find our work all over the Czech Republic, and in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Roof installation

Save energy costs with solar power on your company’s roof

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Ground installation

Use your company’s ground space effectively

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Get both crops and harvest from your field

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Return on investment

Investment in clean energy sources always pays off. The return varies with the amount. Would you like to know when your investment will pay you back? Write to us, and we’ll calculate it.

We are part of SOLIDSUN group


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Custom-designed system

We’ll design the most effective, beneficial system for your operation. Our specialists will create a custom design for your company building or land We’ll also handle all administrative matters.

An experienced team and quality materials

Our team members are professionals in their fields and regularly upgrade their education. To ensure trouble-free operation of your new electrical facility, we use the latest, highest-quality, proven component brands on the market.

We operate all over the Czech Republic and install throughout Europe

Wherever your company is, we’re nearby. Thanks to strategic placement of our branches, we install solar power facilities in every corner of the country. We install large solar power plants all over Europe. See what our references have to say.

Service and monitoring

The monitoring centre watches your solar power plant 24/7. The system continuously monitors all the major parameters of the power plant, detects any errors and informs service technicians of all changes at all the power plants. If output fluctuates, we notify you and provide the service needed.

A reliable, long-term partner

We want to be a reliable, long-term partner on your path to carbon neutrality, not just an installer. To offer the best possible service in renewable resources on the Czech and European markets, we have joined the Ekocesta group. We’ve been in the market since 2013 and are still growing.

See us in action

Come with us to see under the hood of the implementation teams and see how we install photovoltaic parks or large PV plants on the roofs of companies. Become a client of our company and draw energy for your company from a natural source - the sun.


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