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Our employees have been installing large roof- and ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants for companies throughout the European Union since 2009. We have installed a total of more than 70 Mwp of photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Hungary.

Photovoltaic power plants on company roofs – we prepare project documentation, arrange building permits and the contract for connection to the power grid, provide professional installation of photovoltaic power plants and subsequent service and maintenance. If necessary, we can help to secure and finance your planned electricity savings by installing a photovoltaic power plant and increasing your competitiveness.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants – we search for suitable projects (right to build and operated photovoltaic power plants) for investors in the states of the EU and offer legal and technical project assessment as well as provide assistance with the acquisition of photovoltaic power plant projects. We offer turnkey construction of photovoltaic power plants with subsequent service and maintenance, we offer an accounting service, communications with related authorities and provide problem-free return on your investment. If necessary, we can also arrange financing for your project by means of graduated financing as well as by means of refinancing of already built photovoltaic power plants.

We can offer both state-of-the-art components as well as low-cost solutions for your investment into renewable resources.

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